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March 2019 Issue
Milano Fashion Week: Marios

Milano Fashion Week: Marios

Marios’s FW17 is designed around a provocative question. Can fashion support political or social issues? Can fashion and art actively work together on sharing ideas? Starting from the textile works of the polish artist Goshka Macuga, Marios develops a collection that entitles both sartorial details and social meanings.

The main inspiration came from 2 of the famous textile works of Goshka, with a strong politica...Read more »
Face, Bag & Destination: A Jetsetter’s Primer  <i>(Part 1) </i>
We offer part 1 of three things that will help any Jetsetter have a stress-free trip!
Circle of Time by Citizen Watch
Change the way you think about time with the Circle of Time from Citizen


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