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April 2014 Issue
Fashionable Angles

Fashionable Angles

A show of hands please - who cannot live without his/her accessories? There’s not a week that goes by when I am not looking for the perfect statements to complete my look. And guys, don’t act coy, you are in the same boat with women secretly trying to match your bracelets and watches...your shoe wear matching the color of your shirt. I get it and so does 180limited. Put fun and affordable together and you ...Read more »
Lounging in La Isla
La Isla is known for its sexy bikinis which offer impeccable craftsmanship, stunning fabrics, and unique hand embroidery.
Vans Goes Yo Gabba Gabba
Vans has paired up with the gang from Yo Gabba Gabba for another special collaboration.
Small Scale Style
Designer Pamela Thompson has tapped into vintage cool with her online store of Barbie paraphernalia.

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Knockout Aging with Honey
Organic Doctor" Organic Royal Jelly improves skin’s texture and tone from the next generation of age-defying bioactive skincare.
Blossom Annually with Clinique
Clinique’s fragrance CALYX is redesigned to fit the modern woman of today and continues the clean and fresh fragrance since introduced in 1986.
Shine Up those Pouts
What does a girl have to do to get noticed this 2014? One could become inspired applying rich high-quality lacquer on the lips by SHISEIDO Makeup Lacquer Gloss
Notions of an Abstract Woman
Elizabeth Arden UNTOLD Collection is a feminine sophisticated fragrance in a beautifully crafted bottle that takes on different appearances at different angles- just like a modern, elegant woman of today.
Spa-sational Holiday
Hold on to your dewy, sun-kissed complexion with Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Oil Controlling Towelettes.
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