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Let The Sunshine In

Written by Sofroina Timmons
People ask me all the time, “Aren’t you afraid of exposing your skin to sun rays?” And with delight my answer is always “Nope, I use a remedy for sun-related conditions that’s been used for centuries!”

Heliocare® Daily Use Antioxidant Formula ($29.99) is an amazing dietary supplement derived from a tropical fern Polypodium leucotomos (PLE) native to Central and South America, aids in eliminating free radicals from sun exposure protecting my skin from within.
I take one capsule a half hour before sunrise and 2-3 hours later on the days I’ll be out in direct sun exposure. The powerful antioxidant properties preserves my skin’s resilience blocking sun-related effects such as fine lines and wrinkles, aging and helps me maintain a younger-looking appearance.
You can start planning for beautiful skin this summer with an exceptional product distributed and marketed by Ferndale Healthcare®, Inc found at Walgreens location nationwide. For more product information visit or