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Quick-Fix For Post Father's Day Gifting Woes
Written by Kenyatta D. Pious
So Father's Day came (and passed) and there is a lingering feeling that your gift just didn’t put that same gleam in his eyes...or it didn't really fit dear fathers complicated lifestyle.

Not to worry chicettes, here are a few items that we think will help to assuage the situation (we suggest you do a combo deal with our list...and a nice seductive backrub probably won't hurt either!).

The Gift of Home Theater. First up is a gift mostly for the whole family, but it will allow him to connect with you and offer some interesting perspectives on raising children, especially daughters. Mr Troop Mom DVD features widower George Lopez as a lawyer named Eddie Serrano who is raising a tween daughter, Naomi, played by Daniela Bobadilla. While targeted to the tween crowd, Lopez's brand of humor allows parents some measure of enjoyment. Eddie has never been able to structure his life around his daughter and gets an opportunity to bond with her as a chaperone on a camping trip (where he is the only male). Naturally, Naomi is disappointed in her dad and is at that phase where anything her dad does embarrasses her. This is an interesting, albeit formulaic, storyline that has some really funny moments: Eddie "rocking" out in a courtroom; Eddie failing to setup a tent; and Ms. Hulka's (played by Jane Lynch) overall military-styled approach to camping, to name a few. Ultimately Eddie navigates metaphorically, and literally, through a path that leads him toward reconciliation with Naomi, by giving her strength to combat her own demons and learning how to be a single parent. There are many messages about friendship, survival, jealousy, and of course that quintessential truth that most things in life are intrinsic, like love. The DVD gives you both an anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 ratio and a pan-and-scan 1.33:1 full frame presentation on the single-sided disc. The movie was shot on digital and the transfer is relatively clean and clear. For more info:

Accentuate His Wrist! When in doubt, a timepiece always sends the right message. Flud's pieces straddle the right line between whimsy/nostalgia and sporty/boardroom. This season's line is as innovative as ever with items such as: the highly anticipated Deck, equipped with a Griptape dial (Yes, GRIPTAPE!); the Ballplayer Approved Timeout with Scoreboard Technology and featuring a Composite Leather Basketball textured strap; the ultra lightweight Negative Space with ceramic finish (right side in picture); the interchangeable strap-rockin' Exchange (left side in picture); the Graffiti themed Jaes Watch, complete with a croco-leather strap; and the Digilog for ladies featuring digital/analog technology.

FLuD pieces have already been seen on a wide array of folks in and around the sports and entertainment industries including Ron Artest, Stevie Williams; Grandmaster Flash, Keri Hilson and 50 Cent, to name a few. For more info:

Care About His Toys! Get dad a snazzy laptop bag, with some extras tossed in. Cocoon Innovations recently launched a new line of stylish, unique laptop bags, women's totes, portfolios and accessories. Cocoon Innovations' new line is designed specifically to provide personal storage and organization solutions for today's digital lifestyle. With an innovative GRID-IT! system inside each bag, organizing personal items has never been easier.

The interior of each Cocoon bag, portfolio, tote and laptop case features GRID-IT! a proprietary, patent pending, object retention system. This universal, elastic organization system providing customized digital device storage with a unique weave of rubberized elastic bands. With an intelligent, functional, patented design unlike anything on the market, Cocoon's full range of products creates a place where the technological extensions of our lives can be kept safe and organized. Cocoon products are an ideal solution for protecting and organizing iPods, iPhones, BlackBerry's, cameras, mobile phones and more. For more info:

Teach Him To Walk…Again. Lastly, how about taking care of his feet - - he is, after all, always playing ball, running, dancing (we think), and anything else that he does that affects his feet and joints. Be proactive and get him a pair of MBT sneakers (available in casual, athletic, and professional styles). One step ahead of the shoe as we know it, MBT is the first physiological footwear designed to exercise the body’s supporting muscle system. Anti anything that doesn’t improve posture or protect the knees and joints, MBT has history of providing pro-body solutions that truly change your life for the better.

Inspired by the way the Masai of Kenya walk, MBT stands for Masai Barefoot Technology, the revolutionary technology used in the shoes that enables the body to stand and walk in the way intended by nature. MBT offers proven stress relief to the knee and hip joints, and strengthens and tones leg, abdominal and buttocks muscles using proprietary technology that mimics the effect of walking barefoot on uneven terrain. MBT is the first physiological footwear and is patented worldwide. For more info: