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Tracy Reese  NY Fashion Week Spring 2008

Fashion Ledge - Tracy Reese
Tracy Reese Spring 08

After having a chance to meet this spectacular designer, I enjoyed her pieces even more. The ease and beauty of the spring 08 collection for Tracey Reese come from her nature. Reese embodies every look that she sends down the runway.

She has a look for every occasion: bright and lofty casual days, vivid colors for the sexier days, matted sequin for the fashionable evenings. Tracy Reese is classic, charming, and all things beauty! She continues to bring style and character to her collections.

Factory PR
580 Broadway # 600 NY 10014
T: 212-941-7057
F: 212-941-7058

Written by: Yvette N. Coleman
Photos: Cheryl Gorski
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