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Gilded Age  NY Fashion Week Spring 2008

Fashion Ledge - Gilded Age

Inspiration for spring/summer 2008 collection is drawn from the natural world of the North East coastal regions and their rich past. Embracing the beneficial aspects of coastal outdoors, the collection relishes the natural environment of the coast (whatever is left of it) and searches for its cultural and visual influences. The mood of the collection seeks out those comforting, nostalgic memories, when the simple pleasure of a childhood holiday becomes a unique luxury in this fast paced, over-indulgent world.

Take the journey to this era long gone when sea captains from the north east coast commanded merchant ships and sailed the world’s oceans on their ships in search of trade and ideas. Their journals, experiences, houses, and lives are revisited and engraved in this collection, which becomes a refreshing form of escapism to a humble, non fantastical world.

Founded by Stefan Miljanic, principal designer and creative director of the brand, Gilded Age is an environmentally conscious, casual luxury brand deeply committed to organic, handcrafted, and artisinal approaches to fabric and product development. The brand is inspired by the early industrial revolution textile production techniques and craftsmanship of old New York and the North East from the turn of the 20th century, predating the era of mass production. The line is a consistent mix of premium selvage jeans and luxe sportswear and is sold at high end specialty stores and premium department stores.

Julie Beynon
11 E. 4th Street #5F
New York, NY 10003
Phone: 212.343.3920

Photos: Raymond Taylor
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