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Henry Jacobson  NY Fashion Week Fall 2006

Fashion Ledge - Henry Jacobson
Henry Jacobson Fall 2006

Imagine the perfect gentleman arriving at your doorstep. He is casually dressed in a cashmere turtleneck trimmed with a pique of color, a textured sports coat in wool and trousers that are tailored to fit his tall frame. He is a Henry Jacobson man. Jacobson dresses every man whether it’s the day trader, the artist, the entrepreneur or the playboy. The Henry Jacobson collection offers sophistication without losing functionality.

By using his theatric background, the audience also gets to know more about Jacobson through his characters. My favorites were the “well suited” man in wool suits, cotton dress shirts, and silk knit ties. The playboy and playgirl combination is sexy with cotton velvet, cotton dress shirt on him; on her, a silk slinky velvet gown. The “high rollers” are a major part of Jacobson’s theme. As risk taking as his mantra he delves into the art of being the “American gambler.” For Fall 2006 Jacobson chooses luxury with fabrics, texture and an eye for detail and craftsmanship; he uses cotton/bamboo horizontal corduroy duster length pea coats, shearlings, jackets with fox trim, goat suede, hand painted on dresses and pleated mini skirts with splashes of color.

"I'm fascinated by our society's appetite for risk. From the poker player to the politician to the poet, our culture is embracing risk at an amazing rate for a multitude of reasons," comments Jacobson. He continues, "I'm not judging this as a good or bad thing. I am saying it provides an interesting framework in which to present my clothes and a subject matter that I know something about." This collection is sophisticated, elegant and fashionable. He continues to be a lifestyle designer, providing effortless beauty with classic ideals.

Henry Jacobson has a philosophy that should be adapted to all in the fashion industry. "Design clothing in the spirit of affirmation, not aspiration. Who you are, is more important than who you might be. The clothes celebrate the fact that you've already arrived."

For more information contact:
880 Harbour Way South
Richmond, CA 94804
Contact: Michael Snyder
T: 415-448-1922
F: 415-457-1671

PR: Kinney Kinsella
45 W. 21st St., 6th Floor
New York, NY 10010
Contact: Katie Kinsella
T: 212-620-0356

Written by: Yvette N. Coleman
Photography by Leena Aro courtesy of Modin Magazine
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