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Sergio Davila  NY Fashion Week Fall 2006

Fashion Ledge - Sergio Davila
Sergio Davila Menswear Fall 2006

Sergio Davila, a native of Peru, not only has the drive and passion of a newcomer, but also has the willingness to take risks and be a little edgy, which takes some designers years to develop. For fall 2006, Davila's collection is a sleek untamed rocker turned biker invoked with origin.

"I brought my culture into this collection with the knits," Davila told Fashion Ledge. "I would describe this collection as American motorcycle but a little more chic."

The funky menswear collection highlights were a Bald Eagle marked on everything from T-shirts to a long-sleeve print to knitwear embroidery. Davila's culture appeared everywhere and was seen in the Vaquero jeans, Peruvian Paisano or Argentinean Gaucho. The collection featured Davila's logo scarves; plush knit biker jackets and apache sweaters paired with distressed classic jeans or wool two-tone tuxedo pants.

"The colors I used for autumn include black, camel, chocolate, gray with amber accents," Davila said. "The collection has classic style mixed with sensibility."

Sergio Davila Menswear
Sparklin PR
Attn: Jodi Lin

Written by: Written by Natalie Dolce
Photos: Hubert Williams
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