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Afshin Feiz  NY Fashion Week Fall 2006

Fashion Ledge - Afshin Feiz
Afshin Feiz Fall 2006

An interview with the creator of Afshin Feiz:
“My collection is about returning to dressing chicly, even for women in their 20s and 30s. Women in th past maybe had a tendency to dress up for their husbands but today, women are lawyers, doctors, own their own businesses and so want to look good for themselves. My collection is an ode to that spirit of taking care of oneself, celebrating one's femininity by wearing beautiful and feminine clothes that shows off the bodies best assets, and being able to do so in a very fashionable, modern and timeless way. On top of that, my clothes are made in France in factories that make high-end labels such as Dior, Hermes and Céline. And my fabrics are from famous Italian mills so the quality and finishings are impeccable.”

“This season, it is a story about a young woman who lives in the English countryside and has her heart broken and moves to the city where she tries to dress up as the chic city girl, trying to forget her past but cannot and so details of her country wardrobe appear in her city wear. It is called, BUCOLIC ELEGANCE FOR THE CITY GIRL.” “I chose a lot of tweeds and herringbone etc., which I fell only look good in blacks and browns and greys so those colors were a staring point for the base of the collection and I really only wanted one strong real color so I chose a rich blue and there is also a deep purple that is so deep that can be considered as a base color in this collection. I finish off with gold and black and off-white lacy ribbons that look really beautiful together. I have used a lot of masculine fabrics but cut them in a very feminine way and put them together with very feminine fabrics in blouses, skirts and dresses, making a beautiful juxtaposition that is very feminine but interesting, not overly girly. This season I am really proud of the whole collection. I think that it's a coming of age for me. I am particularly proud of the tailored pieces.

“My ideal client is probably someone like my sister. She is fashion literate, has enough money to buy new clothes every season and buys something new for different occasions.”

About Afshin Feiz
Afshin Feiz's debut collection is already generating attention. Rockstar/photographer Bryan Adams jumped at the opportunity to shoot the look book, and the first copy was received by Madonna, whose interest in couture and corsetry brought his debut to her attention. In previews, it has already received an enthusiastic response from retailers Bergdorf Goodman, Holt Renfrew, and Neiman Marcus.
Afshin Feiz's background reads like a who's who of top Parisian fashion houses. After studying at the renowned Studio Berçot School, he trained first with Thierry Mugler and John Galliano, continuing on to a position with Christian Lacroix Haute Couture. He was then appointed Director of the design studio at Gilles Rosier and subsequently hired by Natalie Gervais at Nina Ricci, where he worked as first assistant for almost three years. After meeting business partner Thierry Gillet in early 2004, his line was launched. Afshin will be bringing the full collection with him to New York Fashion Week.
The collection, "Art as Flirtation and Surrender" draws inspiration from 13th century Sufi poet Rumi, who often used butterflies and candle flame as metaphors for lover and beloved. Crafted with intricate seaming from a sorbet palette of silk jacquards, tailored cotton, silk chiffon, and seersucker, "Art as Flirtation…" translates the subtle beauty of butterfly wings into a luxurious, wearable collection. "It's a return to the past in a modern way," says Afshin, "[created for] a woman who is always chic, polished, and sexy, but with a playful, contemporary point-of-view. Even if she's wearing jeans, she'll look great pairing them with one of my jackets or tops and a gorgeous pair of heels!"
Afshin’s second season prevailed with strong colors and silhouettes. The name of the collection is “Lights Will Guide You Home”, inspired by the lyrics from the Coldplay song, “Fix You”. Great nautical looks were showcased through white and navy separates which reflected the imagery of the ocean. “The original spark for the idea came when I was staring through the glass at all the fish in the Vancouver Aquarium,” says Afshin, “but it was solidified [in my mind] when I watched the film, “Le Grand Bleu” by Luc Besson.”
A British-Canadian based in Paris, Afshin Feiz has traveled the world, having lived in Switzerland, Holland, Spain, the U.S, Canada and England, where he acquired British citizenship. He studied French Literature in the U.S. before moving to Paris to study fashion. He speaks fluent English, French and Farsi.

PR: People’s Revolution
62 Grand St. 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10013
Contact: Kelly Cutrone or Huilian Ma
Phone: 212-274-0400
FAX: 212-274-0448

Written by: Kenyatta D. Pious
Photos: Randy Brooke
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