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Rebecca Taylor  NY Fashion Week Fall 2006

Fashion Ledge - Rebecca Taylor
Rebecca Taylor Fall 2006

Inspiration comes in many forms. It can be visual, emotional or physical. For instance, acclaimed photographer, Sarah Moon, visually influenced Rebecca Taylor. Rebecca chose Moon to guide her way through this season’s designs. Moon's influence was obvious throughout the collection by Rebecca's incorporation of ruffles; soft tucked chiffon pleats and her use of lace.

The entire collection conjured up the feeling of Moon, as if Moon spoke personally with Rebecca and guided her footsteps. The Victorian and Old English references were evident especially as the presentation took a turn away from the hectic aura of fashion week. Rebecca showed the collection in a loft that remained dreamy, feminine and "luxe."

A nice surprise was Taylor's use of organza in a violet skirt and an appliquéd dress. Rebecca still managed to stay modern, by adding generous topstitching and subtle sequins embroidered in some of her garments. Many of her garments were offset with soft printed silks that kept in line with the overall theme.

Upon asking Rebecca to define fashion and what it means to her, Rebecca acknowledges that "fashion is like a mask.” Clothes change the "feeling or mood of the individual wearing the garments.” Fashion is "like a bird’s feathers" and can change with the season and can be full plumage or removed completely.

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Written by: Written by aSANTI aUSTIN
Photos: Anh Tran
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