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Pierrot  NY Fashion Week Fall 2007

Fashion Ledge - Pierrot
Pierrot Fall 2007 Collection

Going to the theatre and catching a show…a fashion show. Pierrot’s knitwear fantasy came to life in his Fall 2007 “Au Clair de la Lune” show. Models maneuvered like jerking marionettes through the aisles and across the stage of the Helen Mills Theater. Their bodies were twitching to the sound of eerie French music as disturbing clown images were projected on the backdrop. The ambience was just as integral a part of the collection as the garments themselves.

The collection focused on knitwear, mostly sweaters, and robes, but also skirts, shorts, and various tops often accompanied by darling little knitted accessories such as leg warmers, pom-pom headpieces, and funky hats. Many of the pieces were bulky with a hand made sensibility to them, and often very organic in shape.

The color palette ranged from a very monochromatic grey, off-white, charcoal assortment, to a multicolored crayon box explosion of colors on the other end. The yarn content played a significant role in the overall influence of the color, silhouette, and impression of the garments. Pierrot uses a variety of yarns including mohair and chenille.

This collection is certainly not for everyone, but for those who can play the part…it is quite beautiful and truly intriguing. Sure to win a complement, or at least a double take. The collection is a striking hodgepodge of Pierrot’s imagination as it is translated as an extension of his knitting needles.

For more info:
Phone: 212.780.0641
Attn: Pierre Carrilero

Written by: Sarah Freiseis
Photos: Raymond Taylor
complete collection
complete collection

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