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SixxFoota  NY Fashion Week Fall 2005

Fashion Ledge - SixxFoota
Sixxfoota Launch

“It’s all about the fit,” says Ms. Watkins. She continues, “[The fit must be] tailored and body conscious to a woman’s curves.”

SIXXFOOTA is a luxurious outerwear collection that incorporates the rich textures of leather, suede and select fur accents. Sixxfoota is fashion for tall women, hence the name “Sixxfoota.” Ms. Anita Watkins, Founder and CEO of SIXXFOOTA, began altering her own garments to fit her 6’0 frame.

As a woman of height I can relate. Many times the hottest jacket or jeans that are on sale miss their mark by a few inches in the sleeve or the pants end up looking like I’m preparing for a flood - - now that look is popular in spurts, but not very comfortable when it’s the dead middle of winter in the North East!

So this line piqued my interest, a clothing line that would cater to my needs without looking pieced together or out of style by choosing something less than sexy. When discussing the creating of Sixxfoota, Ms Watkins points out that, “the final creation of SixxFoota was equal part good business idea and also about making women feel better and empowering them because the last thing you need to be worried about when you’re going into a meeting or traveling or standing in front of an audience is whether or not your sleeves are too short or your pant legs are too short or something ridiculous like that. You need to be focused!”

“My goal with SIXXFOOTA is to create a lifestyle, not just a brand,” states Ms. Watkins. “We are more than a concept brand that creates cutting edge, high-quality garments for savvy women; we let women move beyond identifying themselves solely by their body type by designing no hassle fashions that are tailor-made for them and not the masses” says Anita Watkins.

She has indeed catered to the curves of the world and designed fashionable high-end, outwear and soon to come denim. Fashion for the tall and sexy will never be the same.

For more info:
31 East 31st Street
Penthouse C
NYC 10016
Phone: 212.685.3030

PR: East-West Media
Joy Doss

Written by: Yvette N. Coleman
Photos: C. Yohance DeLoatch
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