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Freewill Fashions  NY Fashion Week Fall 2007

Fashion Ledge - Freewill Fashions
New Age Fashion Exhibition

Live and Dress Inside Out, Upside Down and Backward

Vintage fashion exhibition mixed with environmental consciousness = a happier planet

Wearing old garments can save the planet! This is the basic message of artist and environmental advocate Monkey Queen’s New Age Fashion Exhibition. The opening night party on was great, with two presentations; models strolled and posed on stage wearing wildly styled vintage garments. The street-level glass windows on stage allowed for the public to view the show and crowds would stop and enjoy checking out Monkey Queens’ unique take on fashion.

Monkey Queen, the founder of Freewill Fashions, produced her first solo fashion exhibition featuring a beautiful array of vintage garments. Guests were treated to great looks, created with a much deeper meaning than just wearing old clothes. Monkey Queen’s message is twofold: “First, I would like to save women from spiritual, cultural, and financial bankruptcy. Second, I would like to restore environmental integrity to stop the demise of wonderful species that share this planet with us. When we stop consumption of all things, we will see the quality of our life improves instead of decreases.”

The title of this show, "Live and Dress Inside Out, Upside Down and Backward" implies the concept of Monkey Queen’s unique fashion sensibility. Her exhibition featured clothing worn in unusual ways…nightgowns as eveningwear, lingerie as daywear, tops worn as pants and skirts, vintage aprons and retro dresses worn backwards and much more. Showcasing these wild easy-to-wear looks, Monkey’s stated, “The goal is to stimulate viewers, young and old, to want to create their own fashions in their own creative way. This is the sole purpose of the program, and I would like to see this trend, hopefully using old garments and accessories, spread around the world---in order to reverse this destructive ‘buy and discard’ mentality.”

According to Monkey Queen, it’s easy to create high fashion using vintage garments and her New Age Fashion Exhibition proved her point.

Monkey Queen
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Hope McGrath
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Photos: Evens Lamour
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