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Keanan Duffty  NY Fashion Week Fall 2006

Fashion Ledge - Keanan Duffty
Keanan Duffty Fall 2006

As soon as Motorhead started blasting, we knew this was a respite from the other shows we had seen! There is perhaps no other designer that fuses rock & roll music and fashion together better than Keanan Duffty. The British-born designer was a former musician and it was easy to spot that his earlier life still has a hold on him. Just as it is easy to see the nostalgia that he holds for anything British.

The collection was fast and furious with everything rock and punk: big hair, dark exaggerated make-up, studded leather vests, metal belts, torn jeans and silver dagger crosses as a necklace. And of course what is rock & roll without the obligatory message, this time a tongue in cheek on red t-shirts: “Fucked by rock.” The “k” and “d” are highlighted as an acronym for Keanan Duffty.

The collection was also daring, a strange word for this kind of collection. Consider that Duffty had the British flag appear throughout the collection. A particularly smart and sexy piece is a skirt made out of the flag paired with a blue shirt with torn slightly flared arms and finished off by gold knee-high boots. Another ode to homeland is a shirt carrying Queen Elizabeth, which is paired with torn jeans and red boots. Rock on!

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Written by: Kenyatta D. Pious
Photos: Raymond Taylor
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complete collection

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