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Evokativ  NY Fashion Week Fall 2006

Fashion Ledge - Evokativ
Evokativ Fall 2006

As a precursor to the show, a short film was shown with Sebastianís girls in various poses with hair styled in different styles. The show started with a dramatic entrance of two graceful ballet dancers filling the space with a capsule of energy by their presence. The hair was gently styled cut short or in braids showing the craftsmanship of the hair stylist and effect of the Sebastian product.

For the second installment, the show took a turn to the orient staging two dancers as a backdrop for the entrance of the models. As the dancers pranced along, the debutantes arrived with a subtle aura of confidence. As the curled hair complimented their expressions, it can best be described as flirtatious and fun.

The finale set to Merengue, took us on a journey to Spain. The models arrived showing us the holding properties of the Evokativ hair care product. Evokativ, while showcasing their hair product, managed to also evoke a true feeling of elegance and style.

Press Release: Evokativ by Sebastian
Every day we fall in loveÖ sometimes itís with the weather, sometimes itís with your children, your family or your spouse. Every day you can also fall in love withÖ your hair. Itís probably the single longest relationship youíve ever had. Sometimes itís a love/hate relationship, but admit it, when you love your hair, you feel better in general. You have extra confidence. Loving your hair is Evokativ. It evokes feelings which evolve into style. Itís also a word that naturally sounds like provocative so it implies things like sensual, sexual, passion.
Simultaneously arousing multiple senses, Evokativ lets you choose your unique and touchable sensual style.
Three product categories gradually increase in intensity from Intimate to Alluring to Provocative.
Distinct textures, exotic fragrances, weightless forms and natural movement create looks that reveal the healthy and sensual quality of your hair.
Evokativ invites you to discover the essence of touchable sensuality and fall in love with your hair.

PR: Peopleís Revolution
62 Grand St. 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10013
Contact: Kelly Cutrone or Huilian Ma
Phone: 212-274-0400
FAX: 212-274-0448

Written by: aSANTI aUSTIN
Photos: Randy Brooke
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