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United Bamboo  NY Fashion Week Fall 2007

Fashion Ledge - United Bamboo
United Bamboo Fall 2007

Origami and Volume can be interchanged to describe the architectural and structural winter collection for United Bamboo. This season's androgyny in womenswear showed up ever so slightly again in United Bamboo. A play on volume and the feminine silhouette took metamorphosis here-from cocoon to butterfly, which in essence is the mantra of United Bamboo. As noted in the program notes, circles play off squares, and squares become circles.

A dark, but muted color palette, cut in wools, velvets, tweeds, further epitomizes United Bamboo's new collection. Where the collection struck with feminine ease was in the various accessories: heels, and riding boots, quilted clutches, and gunmetal gloves.

For menswear, trenches, denim jeans, and coats were the base for a crisp and cool collection that wavered between European and Neo-Americana. Plaids and pinstripes on wools and cotton took center stage at United Bamboo.

The overall attention to detail was apparent as evidenced by the skillful execution repeated in origami folding and pleating. At times the concept hit home on waistbands, skirts, and dresses. However, when appliquéd on top of garments the concept felt a bit overextended. Nonetheless, there is ease an appeal to the ideas and philosophies that make United Bamboo...United Bamboo.

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Written by: Asanti Austin
Photos: Darryl Cummings
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