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Binetti  NY Fashion Week Fall 2007

Fashion Ledge - Binetti
Binetti Fall /Winter 2007: La Revolution Bleue

Binetti continues his romantic vision this season with colors of the pure night, golden dusk and glittering stars: Blacks turning into deep blues, Smokey grays and golden hues. Lush blends of wool and alpaca full flair coats with campana sleeves are defined by rectangular necklines. Motorcycle jackets in Prince Wale wool offer a twist. Intricate detail, for which the collection is known, complement the rugged offering a new sensibility on the classic jacket.

Cashmere blend romantic dresses with accents of fur trim on the collar and along the waistline are highly sophisticated yet youthful. The silhouette is accentuated with the fur contrasting the fullness with the cinched waistline. Smokey greys with deep black accents are a classic rejuvenated.

The collection in its entirety reads with the strongly romantic yet whimsical sensibility that is typical of binetti. The dropped necklines are a canvas to the layered underpinnings of feminine blouses with flared sleeves and oversized bows tied in the back Wool pleated skirts with inserts of heavy lace are delicate yet strong. They are topped with painter blouses cinched at the waist with rhinestone belts. High waisted and tailored silhouettes have black lace and ruffled hemlines. Holidays appear magical with rhinestone and ostrich feather accenting a modern draping.

Embossed leathers in black blue and grey lead the collection. Traditional shapes are modernized with oversized piping and stiff structure. Leather Cigale detailing with strong gold hardware offer a sensational touch unique to the market. Lamb, python and cowhide are some of the leathers used for a distinguished look. Rhinestone detailing on belts and headwear add a boldness which complements the bags.

501 5th Avenue, Suite 2001
New York, NY 10017
Phone/ Fax: 212.682.0419

Photos: Shawn Yon
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