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Elaine Turner  NYFashion Week Fall 2008

Fashion Ledge - Elaine Turner
Elaine Turner Fall 2008

Elaine Turner is the go-to handbag designer for luxe living at an affordable price point. Fall ’08 has three distinct (and much needed offerings): The Voyager Collection, Color Me Happy Collection, and Street Chic Collection. “It’s all about luxury from day to night,” says Turner. Among the trends this season, points out Turner, is a “return to classic glamour” - - women want to look and feel luxurious. Think Birken-style high fashion.

With signature crown motif in tow, fall ’08 has some real snazzy pieces for an array of occasions. Attention to detail, creative linings and functional designs make fall ’08 a winner. Brilliant color offerings such as chestnut lizard or snow Leopard ensure something for any palette.

Turner counts Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn amongst her muses because, well, let’s face it, old Hollywood will never be mitigated because of its sense of classic style and easy sensuality. Reese Weatherspoon is one of Turner’s contemporary muses because of her sense of sophisticated and subtle glamour.

Liz Embry Overbeck
Studio Communications
Phone: 713.524.2800

Written by: Kenyatta D. Pious
Photos: Ray Taylor
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