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Venexiana  New York Fashion Week Fall 2013

Fashion Ledge - Venexiana
Hungarian designer Kati Stern is all about razzle dazzle eveningwear. Since launching the line back in 2003, the label has become synonymous with memorable haute-like finesse delivered with gusto. Draped with deft, dresses were statement-making in silhouettes with nods to old Hollywood style glamour. Short and to the point, or long with drawn-out drama, the classics get a unique signature twist.

The colorful array of gowns felt appropriately seasonal in vibrantly royal hues as well as a multiple metallic shades ranging from gold, to champagne, to pewter and everything in between - the selection was stunning. Jam-packed with all the trimmings like lace overlays, sequins, beading, and even bold jewel encrusted adornment. Elegant updos and exaggerated eyelashes were poised for pretty. Together with the fashions, the effect was more than captivating.
Written by: Sarah Freiseis
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