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Carlos Miele  NY Fashion Week Fall 2005

Fashion Ledge - Carlos Miele
Carlos Miele
Fall / Winter 2005

"Drums of Candeaf" enhances human achievement as a counterpoint to the globalized world replenished by technological advances. The collection draws inspiration from Brazilian popular culture as it is expressed in Candeal Pequeno, a neighborhood on the outskirts of the city of Salvador that gained recognition for its use of cultural elements as a way to resist poverty and social discrimination.
Carlos Miele

Carlos Miele Fall/Winter collection is inspired by three cultural practices of the Candeal neighborhood: craftsmanship, the candomble religion, and music. The collection reveals the designer's fine ability to observe daily practices and techniques and apply them to fashion with great ease and unexpected sensuality. Candomble was the designer's main source of inspiration. The religion combines aspects of African, European and Native cultures, bringing together African gods and goddesses. Catholic saints and Indian rites. This rich blend became even stronger in the 16th century when Indians and slaves worked together to build the city of Salvador.

"Five hundred years ago. the natural dyes and the feathers that Brazilian Indians used to make headdresses and other adornments were incorporated into European garments," explains Miele. The designer has revived an old tradition developed by Brazilian Indians and combined it with hi-tech materials to develop a new natural dyeing technique: brazil wood, genipap, and alfalfa are applied to the fabric and new life springs forth from reds, purples and greens. For many of the designs in this collection, the garment manufacturing process is completely organic, from the 100 silk fibers, to the dyeing process made by the indigenous tribes.

Fluid dresses adorned with handmade details highlight the value of handcraft and the luxurious beauty of Brazil. This time around, Miele has expanded beyond his signature sexy dresses to include accessories and separates. The influence of British photographer and artist Michael Roberts is also present in Miele's latest collection with patterns inspired by the fashion illustrations for Robert's upcoming book. Both Roberts and Miele cast a watchful eye on the dialogue between the contemporary and the traditional.

Four children from the Pracatum Association* will perform live percussion during the show along with a soundtrack created by musician Carlinhos Brown - one of the biggest names in music of his generation. A video created by Miele will bring Candeal's daily life to the runway.

By using popular cultural elements in his collections, especially Brazilian handcraft techniques, Miele is able to support communities in need. Due to his initiatives, local craftsmen have benefited through gainful employment, educational opportunities and social integration. Making the most of aesthetic blends and tapping into cultural traditions, Miele constantly looks for new opportunities tor social change.

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Photographed by C.Yohance Deloatch
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