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b michael  NY Fashion Week Fall 2006

Fashion Ledge - b michael
b Michael Couture Fall 2006: Modern Luxury

As we awaited the commencement of the show, the scene became filled with New York socialites entering the venue in past season b Michael couture attire. Staged at the Hotel Carlyle in uptown Manhattan, the packed room was a testament to b Michael's growing popularity among his fan base. As a hoard of male models strolled out in black tuxedos as a prelude, who could have imagined what awaited after their entrance?

The collection showed Michael's interpretations of dresses, gowns and suits, and coats, referencing old Hollywood Glamour. The collection overall had a costume like feel, resembling Hollywood ballroom scenes. He showed the collection in a variety of double-faced silks, crepe wools and soft hints of cashmere. Taking cues from the English duo Victor & Rolf, Michael executed his collection with delicate craftsmanship.

Titled "Modern Luxury," Michael strayed away from last season's more minimal approach as he contrasted and compared the feelings of old and new. However, at times his use of ornate pleats, oversized ruffles and multiple cuts felt unnecessary. Michael still managed to evoke a light mood and show a subtle level of articulation in several of the minimal pieces. A gray silk dress, with side buttons, exposing the upper portion of the chest and a ruby jigsaw dress were elegantly crafted. The collection of ruby, black, spruce-aubergine, camel and topaz is well suited for a starlet's upcoming entrance on the red carpet.

Jaison B. Manns
b Michael Couture
Phone: 212.703.9494

Written by: Asanti Austin
Photos: Raymond Taylor
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complete collection

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