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Kai Milla  NY Fashion Week Fall 2006

Fashion Ledge - Kai Milla
Kai Milla Autumn / Winter 2006

The crocodile corset of the first piece of the Kai Milla collection, which was paired with a cotton blouse, broadtail shrug and cashmere pants reeled us in. We were in for some other treats: a wool, cashmere dress; a cashmere sweater paired with an embroidered pony hair skirt and a lace mini dress over a bodysuit. We gasped when we placed our eyes on an embroidered silk gown that seemed to just enchant.

Part of the draw is that we know meticulous attention to detail was paid to this collection. It is in the embellishments, the bell sleeves and stitching. But the collection did not have a mechanical feel, it sauntered on the runway and beckoned us to imagine ourselves at a cocktail party watching as the taffeta and lace empire dress genuflects and begins a dance that ensnares us all. That is the feel of this collection: a ballroom dance that is watched and always wanted for oneself.

Show Press: Seventh House PR
Phone: 212.643.4810
FAX: 212.971.6066

Press / Sales:
Greg mills Ltd.
Phone: 212.391.0050

Written by: Kenyatta D. Pious
Photos: Ray Taylor
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