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JSong Way  NY Fashion Week Fall 2007

Fashion Ledge - JSong Way
JSONG…WAY by Way Zen Fall 2007

For this season, my new collections are designed to bring the far away culture and the secret joy to our modern life featuring the Three Friends of Winter: Pine Tree, Bamboo and Plum Blossom. Why are these three plants called the Three Friends of Winter? They have the strength to thrive in extreme cold weather while other plants die. Moreover, they have their own individual styles. Pine tree stands tall like a majestic queen with her arms open to welcoming you home. Bamboo dances and sings subtle and wonderful songs with the wind like an enlightened artist. Plum Blossom blooms and flutters blissfully like a fairy in the snow emitting a fragrance to remind you enjoy life. Therefore, they are called Three Friends of Winter.

As a child in Canton, I never understood why so much poetry was written about the Three Friends of Winter. My parents would recite poems about Pine Tree, Bamboo or Plum Blossom as a reminder to appreciate life even when times were hard. Every New Year’s Eve, adults put leaves from these three plants into the children’s bathwater to give the children the blessings of good health from Pine Tree; wisdom from Bamboo and beauty from Plum Blossom. As a child, I didn’t “get it” and all I dreamed of were new clothes to wear for the New Year.

However, a recent visit to my hometown awakened my deep connection to the Three Friends of Winter. When I arrived at my village, it was cold and raining. No one was expecting me. But the old familiar Friends of Winter were there beside my village home. Pine Tree embraced me with arms open wide; Bamboo clasped its hands to shows its delight; and Plum Blossom smiled with a frosty and snow speckled face. From that moment, I knew that these were my true winter friends and now I want to share their spirits and beauty with all of you!

To make clothes comfortable and interesting for modern women to express themselves, I play with texture by using hand weaving, twisting and a variety of embroideries on classic sportswear in cotton jersey, wool georgette and shantung. The Three Friends of Winter remind me of peace, joy and individual beauty. I used brown/beige, black/white, grey accented with red, green and gold to represent them. I enjoy combining Western and Eastern Culture. The Four Elements: Water, Air, Earth and Fire organize the …Way easy pieces for the wearer to create an individual look. JSONG comes in social occasion ensembles for the woman to carry her own Joy and Song.

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