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Wunderkind by Wolfgang Joop  NY Fashion Week Fall 2006

Fashion Ledge - Wunderkind by Wolfgang Joop
Wunderkind by Wolfgang Joop Fall 2006

Wolfgang Joop's Wunderkind collection stayed at bay with the current season’s pre-war Europe references. His embodiment of the juxtapositions between masculine and feminine were evident. The mood of the collection was extremely dark due to the use of heavy wools, tweeds, furs and shearing, but Joop managed to add a ray light in several pieces, such as his embroidered wool dresses, and sienna taffeta pleated skirts. The weight was further relieved, by a distinct softness in beautifully crafted chiffon dresses and blouses.

Leather was definitely the word here. Some of his leather pieces were displayed so carelessly that the slouchy appearance was effortlessly chic. What more could a women want, than looking chic without any effort? He hit a home run with a brilliant brown leather trench coat that flapped with energy as his girl strutted down the runway. Joop's battle of the sexes was quite noticeable when the heavy wool tweeds were paired with stilettos, or when he contradicted the light chiffon pieces with the use of patent leather oxfords.

The run of the show seemed a bit long and lost its focus with prints and over the top embroidery. However the collection managed to look keen in some ways. Not an entire closet filler, but with a collection of skirts, cropped trousers, coats, and dresses, the city girl's thirst could definitely be quenched.

Wunderkind by Wolfgang Joop
Ludwig-Richter-Strausse 17
14467 Potsdam, Germany
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New York, NY 10022

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Written by: Written by Asanti Austin
Photos: C. Yohance DeLoatch
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