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Angel Chang  NY Fashion Week Spring 2007

Fashion Ledge - Angel Chang
Angel Chang Spring 2007: Capsule Collection

it has been this writer’s opinion that the avante garde designer does not exist primarily because all fashion, consciously or unconsciously, is a reinterpretation of past fashion trends. Angel Chang is helping to disprove my theory. Her “capsule collection” experiments with the notion that clothing should do something for the wearer and sometimes the viewer - - as is the case with her light up gear and 5-layer skirt with a series of hidden 3-d images.

Chang’s pragmatic approach has yielded clothing that hopes to be an answer to the current woman’s mobility and dependence on technology. The collection uses “color-changing inks, 3-d images, iPod clothing, and light-up gear” to answer this call. An example is an embossed cotton iPod vest - - the iPod is stitched into the clothing and the garments are washable.

The attraction, of course, is that the clothing isn’t clunky, regardless of the technology used. The technology is hidden within the design of the garments so that Chang has managed to create a wearable and functional collection. It is clear that this marriage between technology and fashion will inspire a new wave of garments that will appeal to fashion forward individuals seeking a little extra bang for their buck.

Editor Picks:
Chifforn 6-layer handkerchief dress with white/ yellow photochromic ink
sunburst-pleated chiffon dress with orange/ yellow thermochromic ink
iPod Vest
Low-waisted embossed cotton iPod pant

For press/ sales:
Phone: 212.941.5503
FAX: 347.503.0975

Written by: Kenyatta D. Pious
Photos: Jaub Brooks
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