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V del Sol  NY Fashion Week Spring 2007

Fashion Ledge - V del Sol
V Del Sol Spring 2007 Pure Life Collection

“Going to the beach or pool in a gorgeous swimsuit is both a very public and very private act. To the public you are saying ‘Here I am, this is me, and I feel beautiful.’ It’s like a show. I love it. But privately there is more that isn’t shown - - there is mystery and intimacy for you, and you are alone. It is this dynamic of outer and inner beauty that we have captured with V Del Sol.”
Veronique de la Cruz/ Creative Director/ V Del Sol

V Del Sol by Veronique has launched its new beachwear collection just in time for the holidays when most people will be seeking warmer environments. “V” stands for Veronique and “Del Sol” translates into from the sun - - the Costa Rican sun that is. The collection, which is comprised of five distinctive lines (earth, Ocean, Blade, Life, Rose and Virgin), is inspired by beauty that is found in Costa Rica - - hence the deep, rich tropical colors. Veronique is a former international model and former Miss France so that means that as creative director, she has the proper acumen to address what women desire from a beachwear collection. Moreover, her head designer, Maria Teresa, is renowned for her KLD and Mahi Mahi clothing and swimwear brands.

The collection is multi-purpose with tops and bottoms that can be mix matched for an endless possibility of individual styles. The same printer used by Kenzo, Louis Vuitton and other luxury designers prints V Del Sol on the finest quality Lycra from France. The collection is sexy, chic and innovative. A James Bond inspired suit (Life Line Snake Collection) is the right kind of fun and bold beach statement. V Del Sol even has a tote bag that doubles as packaging! It is no wonder that V Del Sol is known as “lingerie for the beach.” Its sex appeal is universal and will make any woman feel coveted!

V Del Sol has hopes to also expand into sportswear, jewelry, footwear, sun care and menswear.

Editor Picks:
Life Line Collection “Snake” for its daring indifference
Life Line Collection “Ladybug” for its vibrant colors and use of organza

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Written by: Kenyatta D. Pious
Photos: Raymond Taylor
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