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Doucette Duvall  NY Fashion Week Spring 2009

Fashion Ledge - Doucette Duvall
Doucette Duvall Spring 2009: Red, White and Nude

The spring/summer '09 Doucette Duvall is inspired by vintage Americana and as always employs reclaimed fabric and trim for about 50 percent of its materials. Stephanie Doucette and Annebet Duvall encourage their gals to vote (for any candidate, although the Obama pins were pointing and rightly so, perhaps) - - and they can vote in stylish plaid, organza and silk.

The staple little green dress (made entirely of reclaimed materials) is flirty and smartly paired with a red and blue plaid short sleeved shirt for a funky, subtle sex appeal.

We give a nod to the silk red and white striped cocktail dresses and the argyle ankle socks. The presentation was also chic: a room lined with apples for a walkway...forward thinking in an election's hoping!

For more info:
Phone: 212.269.2618

Written by: Kenyatta D. Pious
Photos: Ray Taylor
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