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4XF  NY Fashion Week Spring 2009

Fashion Ledge - 4XF
4xF Spring 2009

A downtown space needs downtown looks and that’s just what the 4xF show delivered. Yet each designer clearly offered his or her own distinct style from party dresses that were at home well below 14th Street (could easily make the trip uptown) to urban menswear.

Donald Fitzgerald's grey crepe kimono wrap dress was sexy and sensual falling open at the top to reveal Jafe Campbell's bronze and silver necklace, with angled spheres that contrasted the dress' soft lines. We also liked the men's draped yellow short sleeved hoody, which proves that low cut looks as good on men as it does on women.

Edgy make-up and necklaces strung with blocks of beautiful wood complemented the Fahrd Foste collection, with its Amazon "Medicine Woman" theme. Hassan Foster created dresses that were as interesting from the back as they were from the front. A crisp white cotton panel dress with an angular collar and a grey-striped linen sheath with its softly sculpted neck were two of our favorites as was the delicious soft peach capelet over a pale cream jersey dress. Menswear was equally as appealing, especially the tropical wool trousers with suspenders. Keep an eye out for this up and coming designer.

One after the other, Magalis Garcia's dresses made us wish we had a party to go to every night for the next two weeks. Gorgeous hand-dyed earth tones dominated Garcia's collection with soft silks and chiffons and, to our surprise, two dresses made from burlap and one constructed of cheesecloth (the final look—a bustle dress). What Garcia does with fabric and form is truly genius and although we weren't fond of the tie-dyed strapless mini dress (too short and skimpy for all but the youngest and thinnest among us), the collection as a whole was quite amazing.

The MonAri 1962 collection was an explosion of colors and textures. Rich jewel tones formed the basis for Ari Harris' beaded and embroidered silk, leather and lace creations. Versatility reigned as Harris paired a beaded corset with a silk pant, topped a silk lace sequined skirt with a gold bustier, and further showed his skills with an impressively constructed pleated bronze silk empire dress.

Written by: Nikki
Photos: Theano Nikitas
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complete collection

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