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Alice & Olivia  NY Fashion Week Spring 2011

Fashion Ledge - Alice & Olivia
Alice + Olivia Spring 2011

Alice + Olivia's presentation rocked! Literally! Funky-fun all girl acts rocked the stage as gorgeous Mona Lisa models lounged about in their one-of-a-kind pieces. I wanted to shout "Girl Power!" every chance I got! There was a leopard feathers signting - - YES, leopard feathers! Polka dot pencil skirts, beaded capes, coral lips and hips and feathered boa vests!

All that was missing was Janice Joplin and daisies in their dewy curls and pigtailed buns! It was Human poetry! Stunning! Won't be surprised to see every fashionista from New York City to London wearing their glitzy glam duds.

Written by: Sparkle Sterling
Photos: Publicist
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